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Weirdest Building Architecture

March 22, 2017 | Architecture

Architecture grows wider through the times. There are so many architects were born in this world and they have their own style in designing the buildings. Sometimes, they make a design in extreme way and make an ‘extreme’ building. In this era, there are so many buildings with ‘unique’ shape that sometimes can be so strange to become a building shape for some people. For example is the design of Sheraton Huzhou Hot Springs Resort in China, the President of China said that the building is very strange and he want to stop the architects to build a strange or a weird building.

Sometimes, a weird building can be a controversial and sometimes it also can be a great thing. In this modern era, architecture becomes an important thing. There are so many buildings that have a good design and become the landmark in every place in this world. Eiffel in Paris, Namsan Tower in Seoul, Tokyo Tower in Tokyo, and Liberty statue in USA are the example that architecture become a ‘sign’ of a city. The architecture grows amazingly. There are so many buildings that have a good visual but also look strange or weird, but we can deny the fact that that is the characteristic of today’s architecture.

The strangeness or the uniqueness of a building is depending on the style of the architects. They have their own imagination to make a building as they want. Architects are the artists; they need to explore their imagination. They need to follow their soul in making the design of the buildings. Sometimes, it is too hard to receive some art product; we will judge it as a strange and something that difficult to be understood. Also with the unique buildings, sometimes we look the buildings as a strange architecture, but actually, the buildings are a great art work. So, we just need to wait the weirdest building architecture.

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