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Wakai Shoes & AOL Used Social Media to Promoting a Product

April 3, 2017 | Business, Fashion, Shopping

On April 10th heaps of folks round the realm ditched their footwear for  Wakai Shoes annual “One Day Without Shoes;” a crusade aimed toward displaying the effect a couple of sneakers may perhaps have on a child’s life. It is closely rooted in social media – supporters share studies with the aid of way of Tweeting the #withoutshoes hashtag. AOL, a Simply Measured customer, partnered with Wakai Shoes to construct on-line momentum premiere as much as 4/10. For us information geeks, AOL’s use of social media analytics was highly exciting – equally as a rally name for buyers and a as strategy to message effects internally and externally. Looking on the information from those efforts serves as huge case examine for measuring and communicating social media analytics.



Using Social Media Metrics as a Rally Call

AOL created excitement round a social media metric – attain – asking buyers to assist distribute the #withoutshoes messages to over 1,000,000 folks earlier than April 10th. By reporting attain every day of the campaign, AOL set a collective aim and communicated the effect to participants.

At Simply Measured, we have a tendency to suppose about social media systems like a megaphone. You positioned content material in and while issues work well, your messages get amplified. In this instance, AOL aligned their crusade aims round this amplification in a method that pressured consumers. This similar form of technique might also be used to align inside stakeholders together with your systems and campaigns.
AOL’s Impact on #WithoutShoes

We already know that AOL’s promotion of #withoutshoes had a energy attain of extra than 1M people. What was the wider effect of this attempt to construct momentum? Tracking AOL’s mentions in the general conversation offers us this information in context. In here chart, we will see that AOL was a massive and consistent driver of activity, accounting for an dazzling 15{de1d966ee73a410927e3799d455230172720c20d0ea30bc1f6e4bdf0ce96594b} of all #withoutshoes tweets.

The Big Day: How It Played Out on April 10th

We already saw AOL’s effect in constructing momentum, but we also needed to perceive how this crusade performed out on the giant day. When we seem on the hashtag job (and amplification) we get an evaluate of the effects and the larger image view of crusade performance. Read also Make canvas shoes long live good tips for you read…

Specifically while we breakdown the information hour with the aid of way of hour on 4/10, we see the help constructing during the day after which sustaining with a giant spike in to the evening.

Drilling down, we will also see how the crusade drew in principal celebrities, media, and influencers alongside with world support.

Looking at exact content, we will quick see probably essentially the foremost ReTweeted messages. This offers us a experience for which conversations had been probably essentially the foremost commonplace and which participants had the largest impact, amplifying the campaign. By the seems to be of it,  Wakai and AOL will desire to interact Miley Cyrus on this crusade back subsequent year!


AOL’s efforts for One Day Without Shoes adds a nice instance of how analytics might be leveraged to assist and dialogue a hit social media campaigns. Not only was dimension vital to present the effect of this campaign, however it had a distinctive position in with the aid of using person participation. Through this attempt AOL handed their goals, drove momentum for a related cause, and truly communicated effects to stakeholders on the conclusion.
Why AOL Chose Simply Measured?

In the phrases of AOL’s Social Media Director, Matthew Knell:

“For the primary time, AOL was capable to degree the real-time energy viewers for our social crusade job utilizing Simply Measured. Their simple to realize reporting allowed us to realize how our message was being unfold and to optimize our techniques to guarantee we reached (and lastly succeed) our aim of 1,000,000 people. The information Simply Measured offered was merely impossible for us to know otherwise, and allowed us to reside true to our authentic aim of sharing the  Wakai One Day Without Shoes message.”

Do you desire in-depth social media analytics to your brand? 🙂

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