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Tip organize your monthly expenses

March 19, 2017 | Business
Tip organize your monthly expenses

Ever feel any old day date? It could be due to the wrong set of postal expenditure needs each month.


Organize your expenses every month when not knowing the techniques can cause you to be in the middle income trap, traps of the middle class, that feeling of distressapproaching time payday or stable but financial savings or assets owned did not increase.


“Separate spending premier, secondary and tertiary,” said Janus.ID founder, Aakar Abyasa Fidzuno when found in the talk show’s genius, Friday.


Separate the expenditure for each post is useful to regulate how much funds allocation for each post and also save money.


“Ideally, saving it salary reduced living costs,” said Aakar.


The number of quantity savings according to him must not be calculated by the percentage of real numbers but based on ability.


For example, with earning Rp 5 million per month, the outcome of salary reduced living expenses each month is the amount that would be saved.


Therefore, before determining the magnitude of savings, we recommend that you calculate how many mandatory spending each month that are divided into categories, secondary and tertiary premier.


The premier needs consists of obligations that must be met each month, as the cost of transportation, daily needs.


Secondary needs consists of supporting requirements shall not be required, in the meantime, the costs for the rahrah“, such as eating out, buying coffee or a walk on the weekend should put in the post tertiary.


Organize your expenses, that obligation (primary) first, the tertiary later on, he said.


Tertiary Spending very need to be separated because it’s the center of the leak,” said Aakar.


Separate accounts of each post spending so as not to interfere with each other and use the ATM card that is different for each post.


While gathered in a coffee shop with friends, Aakar suggested carrying only cards that have been allocated for the needs of tertiary so as not to disturb the other post.

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