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The Easy Way To Hydroponic Cultivation

March 21, 2017 | Garden
The Easy Way To Hydroponic Cultivation

What is Hydroponics? Hydroponics, is farming without the use of soil, with the addition of a nutrient or fertilizer special for hydroponics. Hydroponic itself comes from the language of Greece, Hydro, meaning “water” and Did, meaning “Power”. Hydroponics relies on water as the medium, although later there was also a plus other planting media to support the plant, but not the land.

By planting in hydroponic fertilizer usage more efficient, when planted tukang taman gresik with media land, fertilizer should be used for all land. “Do it could be anywhere, no need to garden, I was able to sow in the bedroom, while watching television, even sow in the carat the time of traffic congestion. The other advantage is that you can grow even if you don’t have the land. “said Suranto founder Bertha Home Hydroponic. Along withRonny Tanumihardja Suranto Bertha became the presenters “HydroponicWorkshop” in the Living World of natural Silk in series event Living World BeautifulHome Festival.

Following these easy steps for hydroponic cultivation methods:

Prepare The Planting Media

You can practise with hydroponic method of plant by planting a variety of media, such as rockwool, expanded clay, cocopeat and burn the chaff, or fabric flannel. The required media is media that does not affect the nutrient solution, can bind water, can help PH does not change frequently.

Rockwool, is planting media and media for which the quality is very good, because it can bind oxygen too, it just can’t be. So, this time it will be discussed how to plantHydroponic growing media with rockwool

Slice and cut the Rockwool

Slice into rockwool layer has a thickness of about 2 cm. cut into a square with sides of rockwool approximately 1.5 cm. put the rockwool in the container. To cut and mengirisnya use the hacksaw blade or bread. After that rockwool soak in water and drain.

Lubangi Rockwool and Sprinkle the seeds

Rockwool Lubangi who has the use wet toothpicks. No need to be too deep, let the distance between the holes of each other. For plants that soars to the top like sawi,spinach and kale, 1 rockwool can be filled 2 or 3 seeds. For growing sideways like Pakchoy (mustard spoons) 1 rockwool enough 1 seed only. Place the seeds using a wet toothpick into the hole.

Close and save

After all the seed sown, spray with water and cover the rockwool sits in a plastic container with black. Keep it in the shade and not exposed to sunlight. After the seed already break or germinate immediately put it in a place exposed to the Sun in the morning.

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