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The Dome Of The Mosque As A Symbol Of Islam’s Greatness

April 21, 2017 | Mosque

The Dome Of The Mosque As A Symbol Of Islam’s Greatness

The dome is a component architecture for identity as well as being the hallmark of a mosque. Beautiful and magnificent impression can be seen from a domed mosque. In addition to the magnificent and beautiful impression that the claim was of course the dome has a function that is in the aesthetic, and practical. practically the dome serves as a marker of Qiblah direction from the sides of the exterior of the mosque, the dome of the mosque’s interior from the side serve as lights.
The dome of the mosque is a building element that gives a positive energy harga kubah masjid buildings, and for the person who is in it. the existence of such energy, people that are in it will be more generous, roomy, quiet and in the exercise of worship. The positive energy emerging from the representation of the symbol of the dome. The existence of the dome of the mosque in the architectural design of the mosque symbolized as a power, and greatness of God.
The placement of the dome that sits on top of the building and making it the highest point gives the symbolic meanings of God’s power, while the tangkup dome widened recalls the greatness of the Lord, that message is the power and the greatness of the Lord will join in felt those who serve.
Based on its development, the vault is not an element or component architecture rooted in Islamic art. That is because Islam does not teach directly physically cultural traditions, and about the concrete form and architecture.
Islam gives freedom to glorify each other through physical artistry is sourced on the mind and intellect and need to be adapted to the diversity and religious teachings. That’s freedom of choice and the existence of many forms and variety of domes in different countries, and even between regions.
The shape of the dome are different according to the design contractor vault that is adapted to the culture and the place of Muslims living and staying even became the characteristic or identity of a place like the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, the dome of the rock in Jerusalem, and more. The diversity of mosque dome shape make the symbol that Islam provides a choice in creating and illustrating krearivitas his people in a variety of art.
The presence of the dome as the identity of the dome of the rock mosque (Dome of the Rock) which is the dome of the mosque of Umar in Jerusalem. The dome was built in 685 M. Interior of the mosque is decorated geometric forms, ornamental plant vines and calligraphy. The decorations characteristic of Islamic architecture at that time, even up to this point and still be calligraphy ornament ornate interior and exterior of the mosque.
Contractors and Islamic architecture are still developing and the arts, and a variety of styles of the dome up and drummed. In the 12th century in Cairo, Egypt made the dome as a symbol of national architecture and components of the structure of the Islamic population, and the current shape and form of the dome is constantly evolving and varies following the development of technology.

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