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Play Music Not That Difficult! This is the Fact

November 21, 2017 | Music

Who says playing music is difficult ?. Playing music is one of the media to explore yourself. With music, life will feel more meaningful and varative. Music can affect one’s emotions and even infect one’s influence in a more positive direction. Playing music can be a great way for you to hone your skills while delivering your hobby. Many ways you can do to play music, the most important is how much interest you to learn the music itself. Playing music was not that difficult. Consistent, diligent and patient is the key. Here are some reasons why playing music is actually not difficult.

Patience is key

Just as in any practice, playing music if not balanced with patience will not work. Skill and ability can be generated from practice continuously without giving up. Learning music, especially learning to play a musical instrument should be preceded by some basic theories, only after knowing his theory, is realized in the form of application / practice. Phases in the practice of playing musical instruments should not be randomized or skipped, Must be coherently in order to obtain maximum results, ranging from basic to professional level. Without patience, playing music would be a waste of time.

Diligent Practice

Practicing is also the key to your success. The more you practice the more advanced you play it. Learn the basic techniques of playing a musical instrument. Play with an easy musical instrument – easy first. Just after you feel able to play it well, you can try to practice playing another musical instrument. Practicing music can be done in 2 ways that is self-taught and formally. For the formal path, you can take certified tutoring and music school. For a more affordable fee, you can try to join a music course. You will be guided by experienced people, ready to help you with the best solution possible.


Another thing that you must have in order to be able to play a musical instrument properly is the motivation. As long as you have a strong motivation to learn and work, the skill and ability will come by itself. Always be optimistic about what you are doing, and appreciate your achievements in music. Support from nearby people like friends, parents and spouses may be very useful to you.

Practicing Together

Practicing together is also one of the things you should consider if you want to quickly master the game of musical instruments. By training together, all the difficulties and problems during the exercise can be solved together. Practicing together will also strengthen the fabric of kinship so it will be more compact and solid. It’s not impossible that in the future, you and your peers can become one of the leading bands.

Know your Talent

Recognizing talent is also very important. If you have a good voice, chances are your talent is to be a singer. But it’s different if you can not sing or your voice turns out to be mediocre, chances are your talent is not in your voice, and you may be talented in playing a musical instrument like at musikji or a guitar or a piano. Forcing a position in a musical activity that does not match your talent will be very difficult to get better. Unless you want to train even harder. What is within you, develop and trigger its potential.


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