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Play assassin, Nirina Zubir jago play see also

April 21, 2017 | Uncategorized

Play assassin, Nirina Zubir jago play see also

Nirina Zubir role artists profess to not only have to practice eight hours a day to get a more muscular body shape for the sake of his role in his latest film; “5 Guys Bully”, but he also should practice using the blade of a traditional Minangkabau.

“In this latest film, I am proud to once because it uses the traditional weapons of the see also my hometown,” said in a press conference Nirina preproduction film “5 Guys Bully” in Jakarta on Tuesday.

See also hand-held knife or small curved knife is typical of the Minangkabau’s weapon is dangerous because it can be used both wrenching tear opponents limb quickly.

In his latest film that will start new production on 20 April, Nirina acted as Debby who was an assassin.

For the sake of his latest film it, identical with Nirina artist comedy that should live on a diet of flour or not at all packed flour in the last two months.
“Asked the doctor, can eat rice, I said. If so, a diet of flour only. It turns out that the weight of the flour also because diet should not eat bread, noodles to pastries, “he said.

The flour was chosen because it is considered easy to settle the body while the rice more easily burned by the body. Moreover, every mother’s day two children that practicing six to eight hours.

“Every day exercising, yoga movements, push ups, sit ups, to silat”.

He claims to be amazed with the changes that occur in the body. All-age, she never imagined could have a muscular body but still feminine and a flat stomach.

“Well, now the confusion of how to take care of her,” she said while laughing.


While the Alexandrite, generally green, but turn red when you get a light yellowish. The rock type is classified as expensive even can reach 5000 United States dollars (us) per consumed.

“Alexandrite the colour is green if it gets bright light, and turn red when exposed to light yellowish. Madagascar and Brazil also have color Alexandrite, but nicer. The price is the most expensive, 5000 u.s. dollars per carat, “said Abbas.

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