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Money Saving Tips When Hiring a House

May 1, 2017 | Home

Money Saving Tips When Hiring a House

When your work location is far from your parents’ home and your capital to buy your own home is not enough, rent a rented house becomes an option.

The problem is, with a ‘normal’ salary alone, the bill of rent is burdensome. Even you are no longer possible to save.

So you do not fall into poverty due to rent, and still have money to save and collect money for DP house later, try this step.

View home location

Honey, right, if most of your salary is only spent to pay cat rumah minimalis the rent-not including the cost of electricity and other operations. For that, consider the type of house you want to rent.

Do not force yourself to rent a big house and be on the side of a big road. If it is a small rented house and a little into the alley is much cheaper, you should consider again.

The most important thing in choosing a contract other than the location and the extent is the security and the presence of adequate water facilities.

Select an apartment

If you do not bring a vehicle and prefer to spend time at home, studio apartment or two-room apartment can be a consideration.

Because not a few apartments that have laundry facilities, a salon, a place to eat, and a place of basic necessities at the bottom.

This means you can save money on transport and use it as an additional savings.

Reduce snacks

Actually, if you have been full for three meals and nutritional needs are met, the desire to snack can be suppressed.

Unwittingly, budgeting coffee at the cafe, buying dessert or chocolate in the mini market, if collected you can use for investment mutual funds that can be resold as additional DP house.

Self cooking

Compared to every time you have to buy food, it will be more efficient if you cook yourself. Do basic shopping for food every week, then divide every need per day according to the food menu you want to enjoy.

This meal menu should also take you to the office so you do not have to eat lunch anymore.

Budget monthly expense

Set budget spending, including shopping for clothing and basic needs. If it turns out to be in excess of the budget, the consequences are you have to reduce the budget for next month.

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