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Ivanka Trump jewelry company lid

March 17, 2017 | Business
Ivanka Trump jewelry company lid

Ivanka Trump jewelry company lid

Jewelry company Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, which was launched by the daughter of first President of Donald Trump in 2007, will soon be closed.


After disappearing from the Neiman Marcus website in February and then reappearon the site last week, it seems the customers don’t have to wonder anymore whether the jewelry store will appear in that department store.


Ivanka Trump jewelry brand belongs to the lay off a collection of jewelry, offering a variety of jewelry ranging from diamond rings at a price of 1.930 u.s. dollars to diamonds and 18 k gold at a price of 10,420 u.s. dollars.


“As part of our company’s commitment to offer solution-oriented products at an affordable price, we have decided to discontinue the collection of Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry,” said Abigail Clamps, President brand Ivanka Trump, in affidavits, reported by The Hollywood Reporter.


“We will focus our efforts on categories in the existing and new categories that are most relevant to our loyal customers–including fashion jewelry, which successfully launched last fall with prices in line with the rest of our collection,” she chimes in.


Brand Ivanka Trump jewelry currently offers at the price point more attractive to many people, including 28 u.s. dollars for pearl earrings and bracelets to 68 u.s. dollarsbertahtakan crystals. The two jewelry currently for sale on the website of Lord and Taylor.


The brand‘s decision to terminate the collection of the regalia confirm reports The Hollywood Reporter in February that cast doubt on the sustainability of the company.


A spokesman for Couture Jewelry Show, an annual exhibition and trading of jewelryheld in Las Vegas, told The Hollywood Reporter that Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, showcasing the collection since 2013, is not in the list of exhibitors this year.


Ivanka Trump resigned from his position at the company with his own name in January and lift the Clamps as new leader.

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