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Gross Profit BSD Increases Up To 94.79 Percent

May 1, 2017 | Home

Gross Profit BSD Increases Up To 94.79 Percent

The weakening conditions of the property sector during the year 2015 did not seem to affect major developers in improving their financial performance.

Bumi Serpong Damai which is included in Sinar Mas Land Group for example. Based on Company Report of Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk July 2016, from 2012 to 2015 its income statement shows a significant increase. Its total revenue rose by 66.57 percent with gross profit increasing nearly 100 percent, 94.79 percent.

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Increased gross profit that occurred during the last 4 years at the company PT. Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk, which is one of Sinarmas Land’s mainstay projects apparently goes hand in hand with the increase in total assets of the company.

From the data we obtained in Company Report, 2012 total assets of Rp.16.756.718, 2013 to Rp.22.572.159, 2014 rose to Rp.28.134.725, 2015 increased to Rp.36.022.148 and until June 2016 with Total assets Rp.37.788.663.

That’s just from the asset side that is convincingly there is an increase of about 125.51 percent. As for the position of its own total equity, BSD established since 1984 has experienced an increase of 118.43 percent in 5 years running.

In 2012 Rp.10.531.704, 2013 becomes Rp.13.415.298, 2014 Rp.18.473.430, 2015 Rp.22.096.690, and June 2016 Rp.23.003.895.

It can not be denied, with the potential of land owned by Bumi Serpong Damai reaching 5,950 Ha, in the end make BSD become one of the widest Mandiri City in Indonesia.

The advantage is in the end can indeed be utilized by BSD management to show its existence in the development and development of property business in Indonesia.

One of the concepts of development and utilization of land that has been done by BSD is to conduct development cooperation with developers both from within and outside the country.

For example with AEON Co. Ltd. which opened on May 30, 2015 with anchor tenants Aeon Department Store, Aeon Supermarket, H & M, Uniqlo, XXI, Muji, and Gramedia. Where the area is used 10 Ha.

In addition, it also join with Hongkong Land on 68 Ha land that will be utilized for residential premium area. From all that has been done BSD until 2015 ago, in the end we can see that the land that has been developed by this company continues to increase so that the impact on the company’s performance in the current year.

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