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Google Play Service Draining Battery? Try Can It!

April 10, 2017 | Gadget

Most of us have probably experienced this, Google Play Service is in the order of the number one or two in terms of battery consumption. This problem occurs long enough but still Google as ignored. Is this a bug or other harmful things? No, Google is actually innocent regarding this issue, we need a mobile phone Google Play Services to run properly. However, we can outsmart if you object to the consumption of batteries used Google Service. Google might assume we continue to need the application, even though we sometimes do not need it. For that, let us try to reduce the consumption of Google Service free google play codes

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Google Play Service Draining Battery? Try Can It!

What does Google Service?

Google Service instead of the application, there are five features on Google services this. All matters relating to Google whether it’s location, Play Store, Backup, Google Now and other Google Services to work on, so it’s natural if she requires more battery consumption. But, of course, there are parts that are not too we need or at a certain moment we do not need the services provided by Google Service. This is very useful when we want to reduce battery consumption Google Service. The following services Google Service.

Google Account Manager: A little information can be obtained from the service of this one, but it is useful for synchronizing your data to a Google account, including email and other related matters. This section does not drain the battery much.

Google Service Framework: This section addresses other communications with Google as a location request Path, Facebook and others.

Google Backup Transport: It allows you to backup data to the Google servers including applications, contacts and so that youcan later restored them back.

Google Play Service: This is the most responsible for the consumption of the battery because he provides service to Google Play. All communications you’ve had with the Play Store like playing games that require an internet connection, advertising in games or applications, download and update the game or application. Google Play Service also often ask you for your location apps and games because not all games and applications can be played in any country or give you an ad that fits on your location.

Update Google Play Service

We must try here. The first update was Google Play Service at the Play Store . It should be noted, sometimes updating the Google Play Service on the Play Store does not always work well because Google Play Services has many versions. Play Store is sometimes incorrectly giving Google Play Service on our cell phones. Because of this when you look at the Google Play are many people who protest can not play a game or application after it updated. In order to get the right version of the Play Store we can download the APK of Google Play Services manually.

You need to prepare is, you need to know what kind of CPU your device, the Android version that you are currently wearing and display density (DPI). This will affect the three-digit version of Google Play you download. Or you can see it in Google Play Service you if this is the correct version for your device now. Please download the APK in the APK Mirror . Make sure you download the correct version. To work better, you also need to update the Google Play Store.

Note, remember the one version of Google Play you used before. So, if there is an error after update or malan drain your battery. You can download and reinstall the Google Play Service previously. Likewise with Googe Play Store.

Create a Google Service consume less battery

The first thing we can do is at the location of use. This feature is most significant in battery drain and very often use Google. Google Play App Service, Wheater, Path, Facebook, Instagram and other apps using Location. So, turn it off when not needed or when you want to continue to turn to use Battery Saving mode. To do this go to Settings> Location> Battery Saving Mode to change. This will prevent the Google Play Service turn on your GPS device yet, you can still use Location in other applications. When you need Google Maps, or the accuracy of the GPS re-enable high-accuracy mode.

Me to disable Google Now

Looks like this one feature is less useful for us who speak Indonesian because Google Now is not yet able to accurately recognize our accent when you use the voice search. If you do not use voice search Google Now also uses Location of your phone so that the feature is quite drain the phone battery. If you do not use Google Now disable this feature by opening the Google Now app and disable (for KitKat). To Lollipop you can go to Google Settings> Search and Now and Sig out of your Google account from Google Now. The impact, you will not be able to use Google Search more from Google Now widget on your home screen.


We have extensive control on our Android devices. On Android, we can choose what you need in our device and what is not needed. However, should you notice any settings you change will have an impact on your device. You need to choose, more concerned with batteries or features provided by Google. If you are more interested in features, you must be willing to be drained battery. This customization is required for any Android user needs vary.

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