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Buy Apartments, Watch the Parking Ratio!

May 1, 2017 | Home

Buy Apartments, Watch the Parking Ratio!

Parking lot is often a problem for apartment or apartment owners. Based on observations from Rumah.com, many consumers are complaining about the lack of parking area in the apartment where he lived.

Although it looks trivial, but too long stuck in the parking basement of course can be quite time-consuming in the middle of your solid activities. For that, for you who are conducting taman minimalis residential apartment survey, it is very important to know the ratio of parking that developers provide.

For reference, a good apartment has a parking ratio of at least 1: 1. Where each apartment unit is provided one spot parking. However, parking needs are adjusted also with the floor area available. For more details can be seen in the table below:

Building Floor Area (gross) Minimal Parking Requirement
> 150 m2 1 car / 1 unit occupancy
50 – 150 m2 1 car / 2 residential units
<50 m2 1 car / 5 residential units
Standard parking area of ​​the apartment has also been set by the Office of Structuring and Building Supervision. For one car (sedan / van / pick up) minimum width 2.25 meters and length of 4.5 meters at the upright position. As for parallel parking, minimum width of 2.25 meters and length of 6 meters. Parking ratios in parking buildings are set to 25 square meters for one car.

In contrast to the apartment, the apartment has a parking ratio of 1:10. That way if your dream vertical unit provides too large parking ratios then you can not possibly park a private vehicle there.

For developers, designing an apartment with adequate parking is a dilemma. The reason, if each apartment unit is provided one parking slot then the need for more swell parking area. This directly affects the selling price of the swell. Nevertheless, the price tag is not always a benchmark for the feasibility of parking facilities that developers provide.

Pay attention to parking fees

For some vertical units, parking space is not a facility that can be enjoyed free of charge. A number of apartments there are set monthly parking fees to pay for parking security. Therefore, you should be more active to ask the developer whether there will be additional parking fees outside the monthly maintenance fee.

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