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5 Things You Should Look For when Rent Isuzu Elf

April 17, 2017 | Uncategorized

Rent a car is the best solution if you want to travel for vacation or other purposes. When you want to rent any vehicles including Isuzu Elf is certainly a lot of things that must be considered to make you will not be disappointed either while on the road or after rent the car. Something a simple thing have been missed and forgotten by the time when renting a vehicle, even though it gives a major effect in the comfort and safety while driving. Of course you do not want to rent a car those bad conditions so this is the tips when renting a vehicle, especially Isuzu Elf micro bus:

  1. Get the best unit

After deal with the price, the first step is asking the best unit that they have. Ask for evidence of the car both interior and exterior photos. Don`t forget to ask the year of manufacture and also the buildup producer. It is important that you get the best unit that what you want to help your journey.

  1. Decide the type of Elf

Currently Isuzu Elf in Indonesia consists of 2 types of Isuzu Elf those are Isuzu Elf short and long. Those have different capacities. Isuzu Elf short has a capacity of up to 11 people while the Isuzu Elf long cans up to 16 people. If the group you are only 8-9 people, would be wise rent Isuzu Elf short because the rent is cheaper than the Isuzu Elf long. However, if your group is more than 11 people, Isuzu Elf long is better and more comfortable to use.

  1. Decide using a driver or not

In general, rent a Isuzu Elf including the driver, but there also could be without driver.So make sure you need a driver or not. If you have not familiar with the route that will be better that you should use the driver. In addition, if you are not having any experience to driving this type of car, it is safer if you use an experienced driver to driving it.

  1. Check the condition of the vehicle

The most important thing and often forgotten in the rented vehicle is to check the condition of the vehicle before use it. Good Rental surely will give the best and well maintained car. But there is no hesitate if checked it first to avoid the bad thing in the journey.

  1. Check Fuel

Before driving a rental car don’t forget to first check the fuel. Some areas are usually far from the gas station so check the fuel can avoid the car ran out of fuel on the way. Of course you do not want your trip become distrusted for such trivial matters not.

Those are our tips before yourent an Isuzu Elf for personal activities, business or otherwise. Of course there are many other things that must be considered and will be discussed in other occasions. Hopefully this article can be useful and would be a reference when you rent Isuzu Elf or others.If you want to rent Elf micro bus in Jogja you can search it in google with this word: rental Elf Jogja

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